Follow your heart

Claudia was born in Amos, Québec., Canada. She traveled the world for some years in search of herself before returning home at the age of 24. She decided to stay for a while as her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She took advantage of her !time in Montréal to study horticulture.
The death of her mother coincided with her departure to Guatemala, where she was accepted to work with C.E.C.I, an NGO. Her work consisted of building medicinal gardens alongside Mayan refugees returning from Mexico after a long and deeply tragic civil war. She quickly realized she needed to paint these hard working women. While painting she felt a relief from her mourning . !It became a therapy and she began to paint every day. With no formal training in the visual arts, she tried day after day to capture their essence.
Her paintings represent the melancholic souls and inner strength that motivates these women. She also likes to explore the universal connection between mother and child.
She stayed in Guatemala for 14 years. She opened an art Gallery and established herself at the heart of regional culture. Her work was shown at countless exhibits throughout Central America. She would not have left, if it were not for the rising violence. She has now returned to Montréal with her Guatemalan born son. She still paints full time, children's books and new images for her etsy shop. The intention behind every painting remains the same after all these years, love.

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